About Us

Fusion and Pilates was founded by Daniela Pussell Walter in the year 2013. Daniela is passionate about nature, well-being, movement and helping others to improve their health in general.

We have two different locations. The main studio is located in the heart of Poblenou, where we offer small group classes and personal training. In our boutique studio located in Vila Olímpica, we offer personal training and duo training sessions.

We are a dynamic group that works with dedication and enthusiasm. The spaces are cozy and well-equipped for the practice of various disciplines.

Our rooms are equipped with all the necessary equipment for both mat and Barre group classes, as well as Peak Pilates equipment for personal and/or duo training.

We are a highly qualified team that continuously undergoes training to provide our students with the highest quality of training.

We work in harmony to maximize the benefits in every class and ensure that the student feels physically well and proud of their achievements. Our instructors follow the principles of Classical Pilates, which guarantees consistency in the approach among the method, progress, and results.

We offer different types of classes (Pilates, Barre, Power, Fusion…). Find the one you like the most, and we’ll see you at the studio!


Directora de Fusion y Pilates

Daniela Pussell


Born in Tarifa, Cádiz.

Dedicated to the world of sports from a young age, she began with Classical Dance and Dance, and since then, she has always been involved in sports and music.

She is a certified instructor in the Peak Pilates System and a Personal Trainer. She has completed various workshops, masterclasses, and training courses with several globally recognized schools, including Basi, Stott, Polestar, Peak Pilates, Balance Body, and The Barre Method. She holds a degree in Business Administration from Glion Institute of Higher Education (Switzerland) and La Trobe University (Australia). She has traveled around the world and has worked in sports clubs, Pilates studios, and yoga studios.

Certificado Peak Pilates
Profesora de FusionyPilates

Tamara Acuña


Born in Uruguay.

She has always had a strong interest in the functioning of the human body and its movement. She has been closely involved in sports since childhood and holds a degree in Physical Education. She discovered the Pilates method and was fascinated by its mind-body connection and benefits. She has completed several courses and workshops, all related to physical and mental well-being and health. In her classes, she combines the techniques she has learned to not only focus on the body but also on the mind.

Currently, she enjoys teaching both mat and equipment classes, addressing the specific needs of the group as well as providing personal training sessions.

“Life without movement is not life”.

Agustina Hurtado

Agustina Hurtado


Born in Argentina.

Agus began rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 4, which later led her to develop a passion for dance and, subsequently, the Pilates Method. She is a senior physical education teacher from ISEF N1 Romero Brest, located in the city of Buenos Aires, and she obtained her Pilates certification in Sydney, Australia, where she lived for 7 years before coming to Barcelona.

Throughout her career, she has also participated in several workshops, including those with The Australian Institute of Physiotherapy and Pilates Stott, among others. Finally, she earned her Hatha Yoga certification with Yoga Alliance in Bali, Indonesia.

Profesora de Fusion y Pilates Studio

Carole Constanzo


Born in Italia.

Passionate about the world of dance and movement, she began at the age of 4 with Ballet and Modern Jazz. She is currently a Mat Pilates instructor, certified by the International Fitness, Pilates, and Personal Training Federation. She has also received training in Pilates Barre with Total Barre and BottyBarre, pelvic floor exercises with Mireia Grossman, PostNatal Pilates with Pilates10Academy, and Hypopressive exercises with LowPressureFitness.

She enjoys her passion by sharing her knowledge with us and making us feel better!

“Movement heals. It develops the body evenly. Enjoy the process and the well-being it brings.”.

Fusion y Pilates

Tania Libertad


Born in Honduras.

She is a Mat Pilates instructor, a professional contemporary dancer, and holds a degree in Dance and Arts from the University ParisVIII. She is also a dance teacher with knowledge of various movement practices and anatomy in motion.

Her professional journey has allowed her to develop a refined understanding of the moving body, enabling her to provide more effective guidance in this experience.

Profesora de FusionyPilates

Dora Varkoly


Born in Hungary.

Dora has been dedicated to movement since a young age. During her school year she had been part of athletic, swimming, track and field, football and handball teams, and eventually joined a semi-professional volleyball team in the university. The team sports era came to an end due to chronic back pain, which nevertheless, led her to discover Pilates. Ever since she emerged into this world and continues to practice and learn about the discipline and human body every day.

At the moment she holds Mat, Reformer and Barre Instructor Certifications, and continues to gain more in the upcoming future.

Agueda FusionyPilates

Águeda Rubio


Born in Jerez, Cádiz.

She began her journey into movement at a young age, starting with ballet at the age of 5 and later delving into flamenco dance. She was fascinated by the perfect machine that is the human body and the overall health impact of conscious movement and the Pilates method. While formally trained in Law and Business Administration, she has found her passion in Pilates, a technique she has been practicing for over 10 years.

In addition, she has undergone training on movement principles with Polestar and attended various Pilates workshops. Currently, she is furthering her education in Mat Pilates with Pilates10Academy.

Profesora de FusionyPilates

Becky Lee


An Australian, living in Barcelona.

Becky is certified classical Pilates Mat and Reformer instructor as well as a dance teacher. she has practiced Pilates and Yoga for over 20 years, initially to support her dance career, and now it is her lifestyle.

Becky has a formal education in Psychology and Training as well as years of dedicated dance tutelage. She has a passion for teaching movement and a special attention for each person she moves.

Her style is playful with a strong technical focus. When you join her you can expect a vigorous class catered to your needs that leaves your body feeling amazing.