Therapeutic Pilates

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Therapeutic Pilates is a modality of the Pilates method specifically designed for individuals facing medical conditions, recovering from injuries, or aiming to achieve specific health goals. This approach focuses on tailored and customized exercises, aiming to strengthen and improve mobility, alleviate pain, and promote more effective recovery. With Daniela’s guidance, Therapeutic Pilates is adapted to individual needs, providing a safe and effective approach to rehabilitation and physical well-being.



Expiry in 1 month



Expiry in 2 months



Expiry in 3 months

60 minutes sessions with the possibility of adding 20 minutes pressotherapy

Daniela Pussell

Daniela Pussell


Daniela is an experienced professional who has dedicated years to Therapeutic Pilates, achieving positive results with her clients. Her 60/80-minute sessions are carefully structured to offer a comprehensive and effective approach. It begins with a proper warm-up, followed by specific exercises tailored to each individual’s needs. Next, stretching exercises are included to enhance flexibility and promote relaxation. Finally, to complete the recovery and well-being process, and depending on the need of the client, Daniela incorporates pressotherapy, a treatment that helps improve circulation, muscle recovery, and reduce fluid retention. With her dedication and expertise, Daniela ensures a holistic and personalized approach for each of her clients.